3 Great Destinations to Spend a White Christmas

With December slowly approaching, it means that a certain end-of-year holiday is on the horizon.

For anyone who has grown up on American media, Christmas evokes imagery of snow, mittens and thick red coats worn by white-bearded men. After all, Christmas is winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Those living in Australia and other Southern Hemisphere countries, however, will not experience any of this, and know Christmas as the hottest, sunniest part of the year.

There’s plenty to enjoy about an Australian Christmas summer; hitting the beach, outdoor bbq’s with family and friends, ice creams by the pool, cloudless blue skies. But some Australians just aren’t big fans of the searing hot December.

Why not take out a personal loan this holiday season, and book a ticket to one of these three winter destinations. According to Metcheck, all of these cities have roughly 50 per cent chance of snowing when the big day comes, making your dreams of enjoying a white Christmas fairly high.

There’s a plethora of things to see in this vibrant American city, like the Chicago History Museum, Adler Planetarium and 360 Chicago, a sky-piercing observatory 1000 feet (305 metres) tall. This will give you a breathtaking view of a city when it gets blanketed in snow.

If you’d rather be at street level taking in the sights and sounds, grab a pair of iceskates and head down to McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in Millennium Park, which will be open even on Christmas day (weather permitting).

This icy wonderland is considered the cultural capital of Canada. If you want to marvel at some jaw-dropping architecture, be sure to visit the Notre-Dame Basilica. Rather kick into action mode? Check out Mont-Tremblant, where you can climb up the Laurentian Mountains’ highest peak, before skiing the whole way down.

Being in the state of Quebec, Montreal is a French-speaking city and is actually the second largest one in the world. If you feel Montreal deserves your spending dollar, take a few days learning your Bonjours from your Bonsoirs before packing.

This Eastern European gem might just be the place to put your funds toward. It’s said that Hitler himself spared the Czech Republic’s capital city due to its immense beauty, and it’s not hard to see why. Prague is treasure trove of old, heritage architecture ranging from Gothic favourites like St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge, to Renaissance-period wonders like Prague Castle. Furthermore, these monuments take on a very different, mystical aura when covered in white snow.

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