A change is gonna come: How to prepare for spring

With the new season comes a fresh new way to look at your home, garden and life. Making small changes can bring some much needed colour into your day and with the extra hours of sunlight on it’s way, your mood is about to change.

Start doing more activities outdoors

A study conducted and published on NCBI shows a significant link between people’s mood and their exposure to sunlight. It is well-known that being Vitamin D deficient can affect your health, but it also drastically affects your mood as well.

For outdoor renovations it is definitely worth dipping into the savings account. Home and Gardens suggests the first thing in preparing for spring is to plant flowers like pansies, lilac and daffodils. It will make you happy and healthier whilst giving your garden a much needed spring makeover.

Remove the impact that winter has had on your home

Leaves in the gutter, outdoor furniture adrift, leaks, sealed up windows. You have prepared your home for the onslaught of winter’s wrath, now it’s time to prepare for spring. You can put the outdoor furniture back on display because it won’t be so affected or damaged by the elements.

Making sure the windows are unsealed means that you are allowing fresh air to come into rooms that have been sealed for months. It’s also about time for a fresh lick of paint to the exterior of your home and late spring is the perfect time. That time of year means that precipitation is low and the temperature is warm.

Selling season in spring

During this time of year there is an influx of people looking to buy homes. In terms of financial planning, the first Tuesday of the new month is the best time to make an offer on a house. Time Magazine says that this is because the home owner has just paid their mortgage for the month. If you are wanting to put your house on the market, then there is no better time to do it than in the next couple of months. In return, this is also the better time to decorate the inside of your home with beautiful flowers and the palette of spring.

If you have bought a new home and wanted to leave your rented house in a lovely state, then a quick makeover may help.

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