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Why do we break our New Year’s resolutions?

After the one month point, many of us might already be struggling to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. According to Finder’s New Year’s Resolutions survey, it takes only three months for 20 per cent of us to break a resolution, and by mid-year, nearly half will have fallen off track. So why do we […]

How much does it cost to raise a child?

If you are considering having children, first of all, congratulations! Second of all, have you made sure you are financially prepared? In 2002 NATSEM released an Income and Wealth report that estimated the average cost of raising two children in Australia from birth to when they leave home was $448,000. NATSEM’s most recent report in […]

Why buying a holiday home could be a valuable investment

We all love to take a holiday, and what better time to do it than summer? Roy Morgan research from August found that in the following 12 months, some 70 per cent of Australians were heading away from home. On top of that, 56 per cent of people would be venturing somewhere within the country. […]

3 tips for saving on overseas travel

The Christmas break sees many Australians jetting overseas to exotic lands. About 5.8 million Australians travelled abroad for a holiday in 2015-2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Unsurprisingly, the most popular month of departure was December, also coinciding with the most Australians travelling internationally for three weeks or more. While we might save […]

The 5 hidden costs of Christmas

Christmas sneaks up on us every year, and before we know it we’re up to our armpits in presents and yuletide cheer. But just as the silly season comes without warning, so do a number of hidden expenses that can blow out your budget and make the holidays a little less jolly. Christmas spending is […]

What decade of your life is the most expensive?

Every decade of your life will mark a new milestone. You’ll be starting a career, having a family, moving, travelling, marrying or retiring. Have you ever thought what decade of your life will be the most expensive? The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare says the average Australian life expectancy is 82 years old – […]

Saving for your children’s high school years

When it comes to saving for your child’s education, parents often focus on university. However, there are a few expenses that come with high school and you might want to bear that in mind. Here are three important expenses that people tend to forget about until the bill hits them in the face. Sports trips/extra […]