Bank of Heritage Isle Maintains Ultracompetitive Home Loan Rates

Following the Reserve Bank’s decision to reduce the Cash Rate for a second  time in as many months, Bank of Heritage Isle has today announced that it will be cutting Variable Interest Rates for a range of its owner occupied home loans by 0.15 %. This reduction applies to all Variable rate Owner Occupied home loans except the already very low Goldrate Home Loans. These cuts are in addition to the rate cuts that we recently passed on to all our Owner Occupied home loans on July 1st. These changes will be applied to current accounts from August 1st with details appearing on Members next account statement.

Tony Taylor, Bank of Heritage Isle CEO, said ‘As a Member owned bank, we have a joint responsibility to our Members to both remain profitable and to ensure that we are competitive in the market. We are confident that our Variable rate home loan pricing sees Bank of Heritage Isle continue to be ultra-competitive compared to not just the Big 4 banks but most lenders’.

Mr Taylor also commented that ‘our award winning personal loans and credit card continue to represent excellent value for our current and future Members with interest rates under 11% and 12% respectively’.

Members who would like further information on this rate change are encouraged to please contact your local Branch, or call 134 374 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.