Having issues making Payments?

For over a month, Bank of Heritage Isle has been live with the New Payments Platform (NPP), allowing Members to make real time payments.

As other Banks continue to move onto the NPP, some Members may experience issues (shown as a ‘rejected payment’) when transferring to external financial institutions. While many institution specific issues have now been resolved, Members may currently experience issues:

  • When transferring to certain ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) accounts
  • If the BSB & Account numbers entered are invalid – Ensure that when inputting details, that you do not include any spaces between the numerals

We may also see further ‘rejected payments’, with other banks as they come online with the NPP. As of 26th March, banks such as Westpac & Bankwest, are yet to send/receive NPP payments.

If you experience this issue please follow the instructions below to make a Standard Payment (see below).

How do I make a Standard Payment (Standard Transfer)?
Login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking (option not available in the Bank of Heritage Isle App)

Internet Banking Mobile Banking
1.       Click on “Transfer” 1.       Click on “Payment”
2.       Fill in transfer details 2.       Click on “Standard Payment”
3.       Click on “Standard Transfer” in the “Transfer Type” 3.       Fill in transfer details
4.       Click on “Next” 4.       Click on “Next”
5.       Check details are correct, click on “Confirm” 5.       Check details are correct, click on “Confirm”

For more information on the NPP, click here.