How to save money on your wedding day

There are some things that people don’t consider trying to save money on; events or services that Australians erase from their otherwise-thrifty behaviour. Doctors, holidays, weddings – ironically, these are some of the most expensive things that we have to shell out for.

However, with Goldman Sachs reporting that millennials are putting off something as important as a wedding because it was too expensive, this might be changing. So, if you’re a young Australian trying to get the cash together to finally tie the knot, here are just a few ways you can expedite the experience without damaging your savings account.

1) Reconsider the season

To every thing there is a season, and that is no different for weddings. A 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics survey revealed that the two most popular months for Australians to get married were, unsurprisingly, March and November. If you are going to try and find a venue, a celebrant, food and alcohol, and all the other necessities of a wedding, this is the time when you are going to find everything has already been booked up.

You’ll also quickly find that trying to get married during these busy months will have a big effect on your bill as well. Instead, consider getting married during the least popular month – July. That would of course be during mid-winter, which is why it’s unpopular. However, invest some of your savings into some heating equipment and some fantastic food and you can bet your guests won’t be grumbling!

2) Be smart with the wedding attire

Wedding dresses, the bridesmaids’ dress, tuxedos and suits; hair, make-up, and accessories. Plenty of work goes into making sure you and your partner looks truly radiant on your special day. However, there can be a massive price tag attached to this: a 2012 IBISWorld report reveals that it’s the second-most significant cost after the venue and food.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to be clever and still look great. For the clothes, check out non-bridal stores for some great formal dresses without the wedding price tag, or even just rent it. You are, after all, likely to only wear it once. Similarly, second-hand dresses are a great option – it’s direct recycling too! No need to bust out the credit card.

For the make-up and hair, either try to enlist the services of your friends and family or, alternatively, just do it yourself, particularly if you’ve already had a lifetime of practice!

3) Shop around for the photography

This is your special day, so of course you want to capture the memory professionally. Like most wedding-related costs, you can shop around and find a better deal. However, it is particularly important when it comes to photography if you don’t want to take a dent out of your savings account.

One experiment from Choice found that there was a great deal of difference between wedding photography quotes, with one photographer charging close to $5,000 for a full five-hour package, while another photographer charged only $400 for two hours.

Of course, there could be a big difference in experience and ultimate quality, but you should be clear with your expectations of the big day. If you want a lot of photos over a long period of time, expect to spend more. However, if you just want a few really good photos, try to score a shorter amount of time for the photography, but above the usual rate. This way, you get the best of both worlds, having saved money and got all the photos you want.

A Bride to Be survey estimated that an average wedding in Australia now costs over $65,000: that’s more than the deposit required for a first home loan! However, if you follow these tips, you might find that you’re able to do both. No need to put off that wedding any longer: be savvy, save where you can and you’ll be able to tie the knot that much sooner!