System outage complete – some ongoing issues

Update 1.30pm 08/03/2019:

Visa Debit Cards
There are a few members reporting their Visa Debit Cards not working, a fix is being implemented soon, however in the meantime if you need to use your card call our Contact Centre and we can expedite.

Funds transfers and incoming payments
We have addressed the problem with payments to and between accounts. However a reminder that if you are making a manual transfer to please use the new member number for the receiving account. If you believe you have not received an outstanding credit please call our Contact Centre on 134 374.


Update 03:47pm 06/03/2019:

There are delays in processing credits to a small number of Members. We are addressing this as an urgent priority and have in place monitoring processes to allow us to identify and resolve these issues as they arise. While most Member payments aren’t being impacted, we accept that any delay is not acceptable and ask for your patience while we rectify the situation.

If you have any specific concerns please email or call our Contact Centre on 134 374.


Update 11:50pm 02/03/2019:

We’re very pleased to announce that Bank of Heritage Isle systems have successfully integrated with Police Bank ahead of schedule. You are now able to transact on your bank account(s).

New Member Number
Your new seven digit Member number (starting with 40) which we sent you in late January is now in effect. You will need to use your new Member number to access all of your digital banking and talking to Heritage Isle about your accounts.

Outstanding Issues
We are continuing our work on the following:

Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay:
As per our correspondence Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay will be coming soon. We will provide an update once available.
Expected to be available for Members from 11th April 2019.

We couldn’t be prouder of the work that we’ve accomplished since the Bank of Heritage Isle brand was launched as part of Police Bank on May 1 2018, and now that we’ve integrated with Police Bank systems, you have access to a broader range of product and services.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, on 134 374.


Original Post: 11:45am 27/02/2019:

We’re very excited that Bank of Heritage Isle will begin integrating with Police Bank systems this coming Friday 1 March 2019. This integration marks a significant step in enabling us to offer you, our Members, a greater variety and choice of products.

While we carry out this integration, there will be outages to our App, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking from 12pm Friday 1 March until 5pm Sunday 3 March. During this time, ATM withdrawals as well as some point of sale card transactions will be impacted. Please withdraw enough cash for the weekend and any reserves you may need before 12pm Friday 1 March.

Thank you for your understanding.