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How to avoid fees and charges

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Bank of Heritage Isle is a member owned and controlled organisation providing financial services.

As such, we do not impose fees or charges in order to generate profit. Most of our fees are related to recouping some of the expenses which we incur in providing services to our Members. By doing so, the costs of operating the Bank can be distributed more fairly.

Please compare our service charges with those of other financial institutions. We believe that when added to our competitive interest rates, they form a value for money package for all Members.

Smart Ways to Avoid Paying Excess Transaction Fees

By making some simple changes to the way you manage your accounts, you can minimise and even avoid paying any excess transaction fees:

1. Paying Bills

Tip: Use BPAY via the Internet or via the Connect App using your smart phone.

To pay bills without incurring additional fees use BPAY via the Internet or Mobile Banking. You can even future-date payments so your bills are paid on time, every time. These are all free transactions.


Tip: Take out extra cash when using EFTPOS, instead of at the ATM.

When you pay for a purchase using EFTPOS and you know you'll require additional cash for later, request additional cash-out as part of your EFTPOS transaction. This way you only make one EFTPOS transaction for many purchases.

Please try to avoid making transactions under $15 and limit cash withdrawals at EFTPOS.

3. ATM

Tip: Use the rediATM's when possible.

Tip: Make larger planned withdrawals rather than many small withdrawals.

4. Avoid Payment Default Fees

Tip: Use the Connect App on your smart phone or Internet Banking to check your balances day or night. For convenience apply for a Overdraft Facility for those unexpected expenses.

With Mobile Banking and Internet Banking it is easy to keep track of the available funds in your account(s). For those times when unexpected expenses do arise or you need to juggle funds, take advantage of a Line of Credit.


If you have any questions, please contact us Enquire