Staging your beloved home for a sale

As much as you love your home, not everybody is going to see it in the same light. After all, cherished family memories aren’t the most tangible of marketing points when the time does arrive to sell your family home. That’s why using professionals to stage your home in a fantastic manner will be essential for a quick sale.

Don’t over-do it – there is a fine balance

If the cushions, flowers, dust ruffles are in perfect condition it can be off-putting. No buyer wants to walk into a home that they can’t imagine living in, so the key is when you first start staging your home to make sure it is presentable but doesn’t appear phony.

You need to balance your home between being tidy and being lived in. Make the house appear relaxed, clean and welcoming. You don’t need to hide kids toys, magazines or even stop the cooking in the kitchen. People will connect to a home if they walk through it and feel comfortable. Houzz suggest the one thing that should be avoided is making sure the rooms are gender neutral so that buyers can envision their own designs.

Test run your open home on a friend

Practise makes perfect. When you have spent the last few days making sure your home is prepared for a sale, do a test run before you open it up to buyers. suggests that you have a friend or family member walk through every room in the house and with fresh eyes they could have a fresh perspective. When you live in the house you adjust to your environment, so other people will be able to suggest if things are intrusive, overbearing or in the wrong place.

Things to try and avoid

On the day of the open home try not to have laundry on the line. It is one of the first things that your real estate agent will warn you against. Washing on the line tends to look messy and it clutters and impedes the vision of the backyard. Another tip is about security. People walking around your home tend to forget their manners and will often look in drawers, wardrobes and anything that looks interesting. Make sure your personal items are hidden away just for good measure. It sounds like common sense, but you won’t believe how many people forget.

Everyone needs a little bit of help when preparing a house for a sale. If you are thinking of buying a home then Bank of Heritage Isle can help you with a home loan to start and then financial advice when you are about to sell.