Warning to Take Steps to Protect Your PIN

The Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) today reminded customers to take simple steps to protect their PIN at ATMs following details of a criminal gang that is suspected of targeting around 40 ATMs in Sydney in a card skimming operation.

NSW Police today released further information including CCTV footage regarding the card skimming which has increased since the start of this year.

The group is using video cameras at the ATM to record people as they enter their PINs, resulting in a spike in skimming.

COBA today reminded customers that protecting PINS at ATMs was vital to prevent this type of card fraud.
Measures to take include covering your hand while entering the PIN to make it more difficult for criminals to access this information.

Other ways to be PIN safe include:

  • Avoid choosing a number that is easy to guess;
  • Don’t tell anyone else your PIN;
  • Advise your institution as soon as possible if your card is lost or stolen.

PINs offer a safer, faster and more convenient way for transactions.

COBA says the risk of card fraud can be substantially reduced by taking these simple steps to keep money safe.