Internet & Mobile Banking

Access where you need it

Bank of Heritage Isle’s free* Internet & Mobile Banking services puts you in charge of your banking by giving you the freedom to bank anywhere,
at a time that is best for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’d like to register for Internet Banking please Call our Contact Centre on 134 374.

Quick access to your current account balances

View transactions on all your savings, investments and loan accounts

View interest earned on your accounts for the financial year

Transfer funds and make BPay payments

View and print your Bank of Heritage Isle statements

Set up future periodic payments

A Bank of Heritage Isle Security Token is an App for Smartphones that generates a One Time Security Code, entered when you log into Bank of Heritage Isle Internet and Mobile Banking. It provides an extra layer of security of your details to help counteract fraudulent internet attacks. All Members registering new Internet Banking access will be issued with a security token.

‘PayAnyone’ is a feature in Bank of Heritage Isle’s Mobile Banking that enables our Members (who are registered for Internet Banking) to pay anyone using the recipient’s Australian mobile phone number or email address.

First Time Login Instructions
  1. Call 134 374 (Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm) & after security identification you will be issued with your Password.
  2. Log in to Internet Banking from home page.
  3. Sign-in using your Bank of Heritage Isle Member number and issued Password. You will need to enter the second field of verification.
  4. Read through the terms and conditions.
  5. Re-enter your issued Password and then enter a new Password of your choice (Password must contain a minimum 8 and a maximum of 15 characters with a minimum of 1 number). Re-enter your new Password.
  6. Click on “Accept terms and submit new Password” to acknowledge your understanding.
  7. Begin Internet Banking!

At Bank of Heritage Isle we take security of our Members’ funds and information very seriously. In setting up Bank of Heritage Isle Internet Banking we have employed a range of security measures from firewalls to data encryption to ensure your personal information is fully protected. There are also some simple steps you can take to assist that are similar to self protection measures you already have with your Bank of Heritage Isle PIN and Visa cards. The three main areas of security involved are:

  • Bank of Heritage Isle
  • The Internet
  • Your Computer

Bank of Heritage Isle

Protecting Bank of Heritage Isle’s computer systems is critical. We have implemented leading firewall technology to protect Members’ information against intrusion from the Internet. A Firewall controls what information passes between our systems and the Internet.

These systems are monitored for suspicious activity by a major security consultancy group. The group we use has considerable experience implementing and designing secure systems for many organisations, including financial institutions and defence organisations. We also subscribe to services that advise on new “threats” and provide patches and upgrades to keep the systems as secure and current as is possible.

We have also implemented an additional level of protection with Google reCaptcha. Google reCaptcha is functionality that protects websites against unwarranted attacks by generating questions that humans can read easily but current computer programs cannot.

Additionally you can opt to use our Security Tokens to provide safer access to your funds. Security tokens are issued free of change and we strongly recommend Members avail themselves of this security option. Members re-registering new Internet Banking access will be issued with a Security Token.

The Internet

The Internet is a worldwide network of computers, owned and operated by many different organisations and individuals. Our aim is to protect any sensitive information passed through the Internet between Bank of Heritage Isle and your computer.

We employ a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to establish a secure connection between your browser and the Bank of Heritage Isle Internet Banking System. SSL is a technology developed by Netscape, Microsoft and RSA Inc that is supported by most browsers. Every time you connect to Internet Banking it sends your browser a piece of information called a “digital certificate”. This certificate securely identifies the site you are connecting to, and establishes an encrypted session. This certificate has been digitally signed by Verisign, the highest recognised issuer of digital certificates in the world. Most browsers automatically recognise any certificate signed by Verisign. For more information on SSL refer to the security sections of the following sites: Microsoft, Netscape, RSA.

For more information on digital certificates refer to the following site: Verisign

Your Computer

There are some simple precautions you can take to maximise security.

  • Change your Password regularly. We recommend that you change it at least every month.Try not to use date of birth, telephone number, addresses etc
  • Do not disclose your Password to anyone
  • Always ‘LOGOUT’ the secure session after completing Online transactions using Internet Banking Internet Banking
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged onto Internet Banking
  • If other people can access your computer you should set your browser not to cache secure web pages (so that there will be no record of your account information left on your computer )

Ensure that current anti-virus software is running on your computer at all times.

System Requirements

Internet Banking and Mobile Banking will work on a modern computer or device with a internet connection running a compatible internet browser.

Compatible internet browsers include the following minimum versions of:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome 39
  • Firefox 33
  • Safari 5 on Windows

We test Internet Banking using the latest browser versions. However the ever increasing range of devices, operating systems and versions means that Internet Banking may have some functional and display differences on devices and browsers which do not have widespread use.

BPAY is a much loved Australian payment method; however there are a lot of myths out there about the details of paying with BPAY.

Did you know?

Myth – It takes 3 days to ‘process’ BPAY payments.
Truth –  BPAY payments are considered paid that day if you pay before the bank’s cut-off time during a business banking day.

Myth – You need the BPAY biller code and payment details every time.
Truth – BPAY remembers your payment details with most payments.

Myth – BPAY charges fees for all transactions.
Truth – BPAY is a cost effective payment option. At Bank of Heritage Isle it is free.

Myth – BPAY is an overseas owned multinational company.
Truth – BPAY is fully Australian owned.

Myth – BPAY stands for Bill Pay.
Truth – BPAY stands for Bank Pay.

Myth – When you need help with BPAY you need to talk with BPAY or the company you’re making the payment to.
Truth – For BPAY help, just talk to us.

So it’s no surprise that last year over 330 million payments were made using BPAY and that is it offered on over 45,000 bills.

Look for the BPAY logo on your bill and let BPAY give you payment peace of mind, every time.