How to deflect attention away from your average Christmas gift

Our guide to making your present look much better than it actually is.

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There are so many presents to buy at Christmas and not a lot of time. This inevitably means that there are some gifts that have a lot of thought, and others whose quality falls by the wayside. To help you out, here are our tips to add the wow factor that will deflect attention away from those average Christmas gifts.

  1. Wrap it in Newspaper. That book will look real hipster and artsy and you’ll save the world – along with a few bucks.
  2. Spray some perfume on your present before you wrap it. Your candle will smell more Jo Malone and less $2 gift shop.
  3. Find a weird-shaped box. A dodecahedron-wrapped gift would look immensely more awesome than the pair of socks inside.
  4. Take apart your gift and wrap each part separately. What’s better than 1 gift? 5. Take apart the pedestal fan you were going to give and you will look so generous. They’ll also get some Christmas cheer from putting it back together.
  5. Add a bit of glitter. Your recipient will continuously think of you as they look up at your gifted wall clock wondering how many hours they’ve spent cleaning up glitter afterwards.
  6. Cable-tie your present. The suspense will be much better than the crappy thriller you gave them on DVD.
  7. Add a photo of yourself. Find a cheap frame and fill it with a serious portrait of yourself. Your self-centredness will be a beautiful heart-warming gift that will perfectly compliment the lamp you bought for them.
  8. Re-gift. Still have that collection of BBQ marinades from last year? Just add it in with the BBQ tongs you were planning on giving.
  9. Add a DIY bottle opener to that six-pack of Tooheys New. Bit of wood. One nail. Bend the nail over. Voilà – bottle opener.
  10. Add in your 2018 calendar. There’ll still a week left in that bad boy.

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