How to Weed Out the Office Grinch

Our guide to find those who need some Christmas cheer the most.

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The Christmas season is upon us. While there are those of us that thrive in the festive spirit others can’t help but to unleash a torrent of whinging and sulking during the month of December.

Here’s our our sure-fire way to weed out the office Grinch from your casual whinger, so that you can focus your attention on giving them a little extra Christmas cheer during this dreaded time of year.

  1. Greet your colleagues with a different Christmas carol every morning. The office Grinch will be shuddering in their skin – and may eventually have an expletive-laden outburst about the horrors of working in retail during the festive season of 1993.
  2. Start putting up office Christmas decorations in November. Nothing boils the blood of Grinches than being caught off-guard by a bit of early Computer-screen tinsel, and you’ll be sure to feel the warmth of their anger every time they come near.
  3. Wear a daggy Christmas accessories every day. The eye rolls will be too hard to hide.
  4. Find those who aren’t part of the office Secret Santa. The thought of buying pointless $2-Shop presents is enough to turn a green grinchy face red.
  5. Keep an eye out for the Christmas Party absentees. Bring the Christmas party to them!
  6. Ask IT to change the background of every office computer to an iconic Christmas photo. The aggressive grunts every time they log on will be a dead give away.
  7. Listen to “All I want for Christmas is you” on repeat. While Mariah’s voice soothes the soul of all Christmas fanatics, for a Grinch it is like fingernails down a chalkboard.
  8. Brag about how you bought all your Christmas present early. Everyone knows a Grinch will put off the present buying until the shops are full and the sales are finished.
  9. Disguise a Christmas cake as a regular cake. While the Christmas lovers will be overwhelmed with joy at the extra surprise of fruitcake, our Grinches can be found at the nearest bin.

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