Christmas Party Icebreakers

Lines to get the conversation flowing and the party started.

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Christmas parties are designed to be relaxing, fun and social events to get everyone together and bask in the fact that we’ve made it to the end of another year, relatively unscathed from the trials and tribulations of life. But if you’re an awkward social butterfly that struggles to get the conversation flowing at the best of times, the end of year Christmas party can seem like a zombie apocalypse.

Never fear, Bank of Heritage Isle are here for you with our icebreakers designed to melt the awkwardness in any conversation!

  1. “Would you rather be able to fly at walking speed or run at flying speed?”
  2. “So, how would you hide a giraffe from the government?”
  3. “Does it also annoy you that a 24 hour clocks never actually show the time 24:00?
  4. “Would you rather have a receding hairline or a proceeding hairline?”
  5. “Titanic! Sorry, I guess that wasn’t a very good icebreaker…”
  6. “Nice Shoes! Are they both yours?”
  7. “Would you rather have a car that can teleport you anywhere, or the ability to touch any book and absorb all knowledge inside?”
  8. “Do you like potato salad without the potato?”
  9. “What’s your favourite type of milk?”
  10. Yell “LINE” like you’ve forgotten what the script says.
  11. “Do you want to see a picture of my pony?”
  12. “So… have any good icebreakers?”

*inspired by the wonderful users of reddit.

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